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Rug Maintenance & Care


It is very important in maintaining and preserving carpets to keep them clean. Dirt  diminish their beauty and appearance. It’s obvious that carpets with a light background and high pile or those that are exposed to dirt and wear need to be cleaned more often. The best way to get rid of dust, grit and dirt is to clean the carpets with powerful vacuum cleaners without beater bars. You may use  vacuum cleaners with a beater on the back of the rug, once every few months. By this method all the grit, and the dust can be removed.

To remove water and humidity from your carpet. use a towel, or a clean white cloth to sponge the excess water until completely absorbed on both sides. The area can be dried with a hair-dryer on medium heat, or exposed to moderate sun. once dry,  restore the pile of the wet area  by rubbing the pile back with your fingers.


Tea, Coffee, juices, alcohol, shoe polish or any greasy substance stains a carpet, the first step is to absorb it immediately with a non—dyed cloth, blotting paper or tissue paper.

A compatible solution for removing the specific substance (tea, wine, and grease) should be done till the coloring substance has been wiped off.

Many common substances are best removed from rugs and carpets with the following methods: a) Soft drinks, milk, coffee, tea, alcohol and chocolate can be removed by a mixture of lukewarm water and soap or non-alkaline detergents. b) Eggs and bloodstains can be removed with mixture of salt, non alkaline detergent and lukewarm water. c) Human and animal urine is best removed with white vinegar with lukewarm water. Clean grease, shoe polish and fatty substances with non-alkaline detergent and white vinegar.


The most important factors to preserve carpets for generations to come,is to keep them clean. Normally a carpet should be washed every 5 to 10 years.

Hand knotted wool Rugs have a special process of washing, look up the most reputable Hand made Wool carpet cleaner in your town, to ensure the proper treatment of your carpet. make sure they are insured and they will insre the value of your Rug.


1. Keep the carpet protected from direct sunlight.

2. No object that is damp or likely to cause dampness should be placed on the carpet.

3. Rotate the carpet every 6 month to prevent localised wear and tear.

4. Place casters under legs of chair, sofa, table or any other heavy item of furniture to prevent from marks on the pile of the carpet.

5. Keep the carpet clean. It’s the most important recommendation. Cleanliness ensures longevity and perfect form.